Saturday, August 25, 2012

Playing Outside

I sweep hair out her face a thousand times a day. She rips out clips and yells when I force hair twisties.

This girl loves to climb.

July 2012

Guess who we saw at Riverwoods?
Donny Osmond!
And his son, whose name I can't remember, but who sang a song at the open mic on a whim while waiting for a table at The Happy Sumo.
We were there listening to music while Alexandra splashed.

Alexandra has loved picnics, real and imaginary, ever since she read Pooh and Piglet Catch a Heffalump. One evening we brought a pizza, a banana and honey to the park and had a family picnic.

I finally made it to my high school friend Szilvia's house. Her second child turned 2 and we enjoyed the party.

 Mummi visited and we went to the duck pond. 

 She's just so cute napping on the couch. I thought she was trying to trick me when she said she'd nap there, but she followed through.

Matthieu lost a bet to Grampa, but Grampa donated his $5 winning to our ice cream fund. Alexandra loved the dry ice effect at Sub Zero.

 I got that hedgehog for Shelley's baby at IKEA, but Alex attached to it and calls it her baby, feeding it milk and playing with it all the time.
We met my parents in Sandy for dinner and hung out at the B&N.

 Alisha's baby shower

 She loves to smell flowers. She blows out of her nose to "sniff".

June 2012

 Seven Peaks

 Happy Birthday, Dad!

 "climbing" trees near the apartment--like Pooh


Farm Country

Bestie Summer Fun

 the "train" at the mall

 We spent a day at Park City with Sheena, H, Lindsey and her parents. We ate pizza and perused the strip, and then the girls explored the Olympics museum--their favorite thing was sitting in the bobsleds--while Sheena and the others rode the luge. Sheena watched the girls while I joined the others in the zip-line! I felt exhilarated!

Riverwoods splash pad, of course. (Alex went here about once a week this summer.) Alex and her bestie also hit the playground, Farm Country, and the mall playground, and more. They talk about each other often and I believe they'll stay friends, just as Sheena and I will.

2-Year Photos

I am determined to master my camera (Nikon D3100), so I decided to shoot Alexandra's 2-year photos myself.


Except these gems:

Love those cheeks.

Alexandra's First Trike

For her birthday, Alexandra got a tricycle! I am upset that it is pink and not classic red, but it was on sale. Matthieu and I assembled it while she was taking a nap and so she woke up to a surprise. She has always admired bikes and she likes to sit on them even if they're not moving. She doesn't like to pedal on her own yet, even though she can.