Thursday, March 22, 2012

What should we do? Riverwoods?

We go to the Riverwoods in Provo just about every Friday, and sometimes more often.

Live music, lights, walking areas, fire/water/flower decor, and heat lamps draw crowds of pleasant people to the outdoor area. We eat at a variety of restaurants, and I stare longingly at everything in the store Soel.

We love to test out the toys at Blickenstaff's. They've always got a fun display, and classic toys mixed with contemporary toys. The staff is friendly and patient, and there are mini shopping carts and little vehicles I call trike-alternatives for children to play with. I like to check Blickenstaff's first for all of my toy purchases. Once, we bought Alex chocolate-covered gummy bears from their candy bin wall. She devoured them one-by-one, until she realized she only had one left. She carried her last piece of candy around for a full thirty minutes before Matthieu convinced her to just eat it already.

At Provo Beach Resort, we can let Alex run, climb and slide the toddler playground, have a skee ball competition, shoot baskets, try to teach Alex to bowl at the toddler lane, ride the carousel, and get ice cream--all for under $10. Matthieu and I are fairly equally matched in our skee ball skills, so it makes for good friendly competition and not-as-friendly trash talking. Once, we braved the ropes course (thrilling!), and once, we played mini croquet on a double date (expensive, but fun). We've also dueled in the laser course (overpriced 30 seconds), and had "dinner" at the grill--I recommend the kids mac 'n cheese and the curly fries, if you're in the mood for heavy, non-healthy food. If you get ice cream, I recommend the "Saratoga". We have yet to surf, play golf in the simulator, or relax at the spa...but I want to try everything.

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Riverwoods nor Provo Beach Resort. Blickenstaff's will give me free candy for blogging about them, but all opinions are all mine. I wrote this for journaling's sake.

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