Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter: Baby Animal Days

Alex loved the little girl's room in the loft of the pioneer house.
For a few minutes, we watched the blacksmith making pliers that could last a lifetime.

Alexandra was so gentle with the baby duck she held all by herself, and with the bunny we held. I really wanted to take this Mini Rex home with me.

During the super-long wait in line for the ten-second pony ride, Alexandra entertained herself by placing pebbles, one by one, into a pocket of my mom's purse. My mom kept the rocks in the pocket for the duration of our visit, which Alexandra appreciated.

 Pony ride! She giggled when Matthieu put her up on the pony. This is one of her favorite activities, right up there with singing and collecting gravel. 

I don't have a picture, but Alex spent a good five minutes checking out the chickens, and tried to feed them grass by scooping it up and throwing it through their fence.We also ran into our friend Q, saw how pioneers dyed eggs with plants, and admired a goat, a few bison, a tractor, and a Model T car. (We=Alex, me, Matthieu, my parents, and bro Benjamin.)

Baby Animal Days is an annual event at the Jensen Historical Farm in Cache Valley, Utah.

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