Friday, May 25, 2012

April/May Picture Dump

April and May (especially May) were so full of special events and holidays and birthdays, so this is a dump of photos from the other days. These days were special, too, but they can be explained briefly. 

This first one explains itself. She loves bubbles. And she gets really brave and lays on her back in the tub. If you don't think that sounds exciting, then you haven't seen her face when she does it.

Alexandra and I went to the aquarium on May 11th. I don't usually remember dates, but it was Mia's birthday. It happened to be the day before my aquarium pass expired. I am probably renewing the pass even if we only go a few more times, just to support it. We got to stand INSIDE the otter habitat, sort of! See the otters lounging on top of each other in front of us? Alexandra was really impressed that their little habitat has a slide. 
The next picture is of Alexandra looking at the pufferfish. Ever since she watched a Little Einsteins episode which has a pufferfish scene, she's been interested in them. Matthieu's Kindle has a digital aquarium with a pufferfish named Einstein, that puffs when you tap it. The pufferfish in real life doesn't puff, since it doesn't feel threatened in its aquarium tank. I briefly contemplated tapping the glass to try to freak it out so it would puff for Alex, but decided to not be a terrible person. I really like to see the penguins, and sometimes pet the stingrays, and Alexandra likes to see the sharks and the jellyfish.


My mom's friend from Finland came to Utah for visit, so Alexandra and I met up with them and another family friend in Salt Lake City for some staycation touristing on Temple Square.

Random pictures from a late April visit to my parents', on a neighborhood walk, in which she is wearing a sweater which my mom knit in the 80s, and being forced to wear sunglasses even though she is tired and doesn't want to:

My parents have come down to Provo three (?) times for Benjamin's track meets. We had dinner together at La Jolla, a restaurant with faux lemon trees inside Who needs a hat rack when you've got two trees right by your table?

The following three pictures are from one of many recent visits to the duck pond 2 blocks from our apartment:

I just spent the last 2 hours uploading and organizing pictures from April and May. Just April and May.

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