Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alexandra's Birthday Party

Alexandra's birthday party was the same day as the March for Babies, and Benjamin's state track meet (he placed 8th for shotput!) because I knew my parents, Benjamin, and Mia would be in town. And Aunt Jenna came from Minnesota for a long weekend visit that just went by way too quickly, because Jenna is delightful. Alexandra had a fun birthday party, and a fun actual birthday, and seems to be into being two. At first, when we asked her, "How old are you? Are you two?" she would say, "No, I'm one!" Sorry, kid, but you're two.

I am obsessive about birthday parties. Well, at least the two she's had so far. I insisted that the food be on theme with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and that it have holes poked in it just like I saw on Pinterest. I think Jenna was secretly rolling her eyes every time I said "on theme". But she and my mom and Mia helped a lot, and everything turned out cute, and more importantly, everyone had fun running around the park and on the playground, and eating cupcakes (store-bought, because who was I kidding trying to have two major events on the same day...did I learn nothing from last year?). Many of Alexandra's besties (and mine :)) made it on a busy Saturday afternoon.

More party pictures on my picture book blog.

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