Sunday, March 17, 2013

Funny Stuff Alexandra Says: Winter 2012-13

calling Dad on her banaanikannykka (banana cell phone)

"I don't see anyfing," (shrugging, when she doesn't see what is being pointed out to her or can't find something)

"Pwovo Beach E-ort?" (when she wants to go to Provo Beach Resort. I'm so sad we can't go anymore.)

"No, Belle-dog, don't eat me!" (when visiting her cousin's dog)

"Oh! Hi, Buzz Lightyear!" (excitedly, running up to Matthieu at the door when he comes home from work)

"Oh! A monster!" (when pretending to spot a monster in the car, in the stairwell, etc. If you prod for more information, you will usually find that the monster is big, blue, and furry, and ends up being nice. Alternatively, pretend wolves are spotted.)

"[title of any book she is "reading" to herself], by Ewic Carle"

While strumming the guitar, she was singing something about wanting to eat cereal? ... and other hilarious songs about real-time circumstances, in the style of her parents, especially Matthieu

"Here's a book." {Do you want me to read it?} "OK," (like, good idea; I hadn't thought of that, but I'll climb up next to you on the couch since you want me to.)

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