Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pregnancy Summary: Two Pink Lines

I'm 36 weeks (tomorrow) gestation, so I figured it's about time to write about my pregnancy.
Matthieu and I decided to try for #2 for two or three months, then decided it was unwise and paused for a few months, and then tried again. No backing out after that try! When we found out, we felt thrilled and optimistic about how the issues up in the air (jobs, etc.) would work out.

I actually had a false negative the first time I tested (I had two false negative pregnancy tests with Alexandra). I felt "off" and had some symptoms of pregnancy, but they were the some of the same symptoms I experienced with imbalanced estrogen last summer. I was worried about imbalance again, so on the evening of October 8th, 2012, I tested again to definitively rule out pregnancy, and...ta da! Two lines! I wanted to surprise Matthieu with the news in a fun way, so after our nightly sit-com viewing, I fake-casually asked if he wanted to play a quick game of Scrabble. He doesn't like Scrabble, but he agreed. We took a few turns, and I played terribly, trying to get the tiles to spell PREGNANT. Finally, I just cheated and spelled it out on the board. After a couple seconds of confusion, he said, "Wait, really??" A smile burst across his face and we hugged and kissed.

For the next few weeks, I celebrated by eating the food that was used to describe the size of the baby that week. We told our parents, who were, of course, so excited! I posted the picture compilation of the food-size baby on facebook at around 11 weeks.

My mom was in town the week of Halloween, so she and Alexandra and I went to the doctor on October 31st to "verify" the pregnancy. I requested an sonogram, claiming I didn't know when the conception was. Good calculation was a week and a half ahead of the sonogram measurement. I was bummed, but it's better to find out at the beginning than the end. And I was relieved that everything appeared healthy. One of those white blurbs is my 7-weeks-2-days-old fetus: 

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