Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas 2011 Photo Flashback

1)  me playing with my Angel bells: candles' heat move the angels, who tinkle the bells
2)  Alexandra dancing with dad around the tree while mom sings the elf song [tip tap tip tap tipe tipe tip tap tip tip tap]
3)  Alexandra baking gingerbread cookies with Mummi [and Mia, Aurora, and Michael]
4)  Alexandra dancing
5)  My cousins came on Christmas Day; kids' table


1)   Alexandra bringing the biggest toy she can find to the corner behind the tree
2)  Yay!
3)  Dad tickling Alexandra with tinsel while we decorate the tree

1)  porkkana laatikko [carrot casserole]; bread; cheese, gravy
2)  ham; rossolli [salad of potato, carrot, beet, apple, pickled cucs]
3)  mashed potatoes; lanttu laatikko [rutabaga casserole]
4)  best way to get a toddler addicted to chocolate: advent calendar :)

1)  golden-haired girl studies Joulupukki [Santa]
2)  Alexandra decides to decline sitting in Santa's lap, but agrees to distribute everyone's gifts... but only to Mummi
3)  opening the first gift on Christmas Eve
4) smiling Mummi
5)  Mummi's Christmas tree top
6)  building a block tower [first time playing with blocks!]

1)  Mia and Anna and Aiti played The Princess Bride game
2)  Dad lifts an entire pyramid wall of blocks
3)  Christmas Day breakfast of puuro and kiisseli [rice porridge and fruit reduction sauce]
4)  profile of a little elf
5)  playing in a box [empty boxes would have been gifts enough]
6)  a belated Christmas Eve dinner [she was finally napping while everyone else ate]

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