Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

You can download a "resolution kit" from run lucas run--they're cute! I saw them at Modern Parents Messy Kids and at Dear Lizzy, and decided to jump on the band wagon. Resolution wagon? Except I didn't want to print, write, take a photo, and upload a photo, so I just stole the text from one card:

My name is: Anna
My favorite food: changes frequently by mood: fish tacos; Cafe Rio veg salad; alfredo pasta with broccoli

I love to play: I love to click play on my favorite sit-coms (How I Met Your Mother; New Girl; The Big Bang Theory; Modern Family; Happy Endings; Raising Hope). I also love to play word-nerd games with friends.

My favorite singing + dancing song: Whenever I Hear the Song of a Bird + Jump Your Jiggles Out

A place I'd like to visit: London, England; NYC

My favorite storytime book: (this week) Pyhien Kirjoituksia (Holy Scriptures) for children and Surprise Tails (Pooh)
My favorite treat: ice cream sundaes

My best friend is: Oh, I don't want to say online. But I will write it in my journal. They know who they are. ;)

I love the color: grassy green; robin's egg blue

My name is: Alexandra [and I'm 19 months so my mom is answering for me]

My favorite food: (this month) oatmeal. Before that: clementines; bananas; yogurt; applesauce

I love to play: [a period would suffice] with my blanket, with my baby doll, with my Little People toys, with tiny [chokable] objects I find, Peek-a-Boo, "Get You/Tiku Tiku (Tickle)", "Wrestle", with pillow dog, etc.

My favorite singing + dancing song: Hämä-hämähäkki (Itsy Bitsy Spider) + If You're Happy and You Know It

A place I'd like to visit: my grandparents' houses; aquariums; a candy factory (haven't visited that yet)

My favorite storytime book: (this week) My Little Word Book
My favorite treat: fruit snacks; ice cream; chocolate

My best friend is: Haylie (and Ella and Ethan and Brynlee...)

I love the color: red [that's been her favorite color since she was born, as far as I can tell]

Other Alexandra favorites:
-finding the moon
-watching Little People, Muumit, Baby Einstein's World Music, or Little Einsteins
-learning/practicing skills such as assembling puzzles, putting on clothes, "counting", and singing the alphabet

Something funny she's been doing lately: reciting a rule while breaking it. Ex: "Ei heitetä!" ("We don't throw this!") while throwing anything.

We'll see if I can get Matthieu to play survey tomorrow. (He's currently miserable with a cough--Alexandra and I have a milder version.) I think I'll "fill" this out every few months instead of annually, because Alexandra is growing and changing so quickly, and because I have a lot of favorite treats that deserve some limelight.

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