Friday, May 24, 2013

Pregnancy Summary: 20-Week Ultrasound

People say 20 weeks is halfway through, but since I didn't even have symptoms until closer to 8 weeks, I don't celebrate the halfway mark until 24 weeks. :)
I do, however, get ridiculously excited and lose sleep in anticipation over the 20-week ultrasound. I am a visual person, I guess, because I feel much more bonded to my babies after seeing them.

Matthieu, Alexandra and I went to the appointment on the way to the airport on January 25th, 2012--Alexandra and I flew to Utah for a week to go to the temple with my baby bro--not so baby--he's 19. I was afraid to have my bladder squished by the ultrasound wand, so I didn't drink quite enough water for the best view, apparently. And Baby was sleeping, head down, legs crossed most of the time. Not a great show, but there is blurry evidence of cuteness, at least that I can see:

And there was evidence of other stuff, too:

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